Our People Are Our Greatest Strength

Delivering exceptional service starts with having exceptional people.

Our diverse workforce is a key asset at Zahrawi Group. Having people from different backgrounds brings richness to the work environment enabling the emergence of innovative ideas.

Every employee plays a key role in shaping and expanding our business and our goal is to give every employee a fantastic place to work, one where they feel valued and have opportunities to develop.

We are committed
to our people.

Our strong employee culture is a unifying force. This means first recognizing that different people have different needs, and
providing the right support, such as flexible working arrangements.

  • Cultural diversity is an essential characteristic of the Group, we employ people of 35 different nationalities and we speak 13 different languages.

  • A key goal of this policy is to ensure that everyone at Zahrawi Group has the equal opportunity to develop and reach their full potential.

  • We want every Zahrawi Group employee to enjoy coming to work and be engaged by what they do because employees who are engaged, valued and trusted are even more fulfilled, innovative and efficient, both individually and collectively.

  • We offer learning and development solutions for all our people – across levels, functions and geographies.

Fun Activities

Zahrawi Day is a Tradition where we bring together members of the Zahrawi family to celebrate, recognize, reward, bond & connect with our peers as we make memories.

Corporate Training

At Zahrawi Group, we encourage a culture of consistent high performance. We are aware that, in order for our employees to perform well, they need a certain knowledge and tools to increase their productivity and help them enhance their skills and acquire new ones. We provide high quality trainings to our employees that helps them improve their performance, satisfaction, morale, productivity, adherence to quality standards and addressing weaknesses.

Awards & Promotions

We believe that recognition is important because it sends a powerful message that the recipient is important. It says the organization cares about good performance. During Zahrawi Day, we distribute different awards to recognize and reward the great performances of our employees.


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