Neurosurgery International Masterclass 2023

Zahrawi Group Neuro & Spine team & Medtronic proudly announce their successful participation at the Neurosurgery International Masterclass 2023 (NIM 2023) in Dubai on November 24th – 26th.

The Neurosurgery International Masterclass 2023 is a pivotal event in the industry, offering a platform for professionals to explore and exchange insights into advanced neurosurgical techniques and therapies. Zahrawi Group, in collaboration with Medtronic, played a significant role in contributing to the success of the event.

During NIM 2023, our dedicated team exhibited Medtronic’s ‘state of the art’ cranial robotic guidance platform – StealthAutoguide™, which accurately aligns surgical plans for cranial procedures. Surgeons from around the region were introduced to this novel medical innovation, highlighting the important advantages of using robotic-assisted movement in Neurosurgery.

The event aligns seamlessly with our strategy and vision and reaffirms our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions and providing professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver optimal patient care.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to fostering collaborations, driving innovation, and contributing to the progress of the neurosurgical field. The success achieved at NIM 2023 is a testament to the synergy between Zahrawi Group and Medtronic in advancing neurosurgical capabilities.

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