Sysmex UN Series Urinalysis Automation line installation, Doha Clinic Hospital, Qatar

We proudly announce that Zahrawi Group Haematology & Biochemistry unit in Qatar has successfully installed the first Sysmex Urinalysis Automation line at the prestigious Doha Clinic Hospital on the 9th March followed by a training on the 14th March. Our teams in Qatar completed this task despite all the obstacles and restrictions related to the COVID-19 situation as well as the fierce competition in Qatari market.

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Haematology & Biochemistry sales team along with the support of our service unit, this win against our competition was made possible. Once again Zahrawi Group went the extra mile for its customers in order to deliver the best in term of medical solutions.

Most importantly, Doha Clinic Hospital staff were happy and satisfied as this system would enable them to have fully automated urinalysis workflow solution of the highest level towards a better patient care.

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