The first Lutetium Therapy Case in Oman

Zahrawi Group is proud to announce that our Nuclear Medicine Team successfully supplied the first case of Lutetium Therapy in Oman using products from our partner ITM. This significant milestone not only reinforces our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions but also places us at the forefront of nuclear medicine therapy in the region.

Lutetium, a rare and invaluable therapeutic nuclide, holds immense promise in the treatment of cancer patients. Zahrawi Group is honored to be the first to introduce this cutting-edge therapy to Oman, in collaboration with the esteemed Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center (SQCCCRC), a State-of-the-Art Healthcare facility.

Our dedicated team, with invaluable support from local regulatory authorities, worked tirelessly for the completion of this project and to ensure a successful introduction of Lutetium Therapy, which will bring a significant transformation in the medical landscape of Oman, presenting novel and effective treatment alternatives for cancer patients.

Zahrawi Group remains steadfast in its mission to bring cutting-edge healthcare solutions to the region, and we would like to thank our partners #ITM & #LEVALIS for making this achievement possible.

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