Zahrawi Group Annual Kick-Off Meeting 2024

Zahrawi Group convened its Kick-Off meeting for 2024, gathering leadership teams across all countries on February 15th.

During the meeting, Abdulrahman Ramadan, Group CEO, provided an overview of the Group achievements in 2023 and thanked the team for the efforts. He shared market mega trends that reflect positive forward outlook for the GCC region. He emphasized the focus areas of Zahrawi Group: consistent growth, early detection tools, accountability, and team spirit in Optimizing our processes.

Additionally, outlined the upcoming plans for 2024 and delivered key messages aimed at fostering continuous growth and continuous operational excellence.

Following CEO’s presentation, Heads of Divisions, Departments, and Country Directors shared their respective achievements from the previous year, highlighted ongoing projects, and outlined strategies and action plans to achieve the goals set for the current year.

Zahrawi Group concluded 2023 with a good positive revenue growth and significant expansion in its core lines. Top management is optimistic about 2024 year ahead, planning to deploy necessary actions and leverage on the group’s strengths to maintain growth, as done before.

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