3rd Acute Care Surgery Symposium, Qatar

We are thrilled to announce that Zahrawi Group Surgical Team in Qatar successfully participated at the 3rd Acute Care Surgery Symposium, which took place from June 9th to 10th in Doha.

The symposium focused on enhancing clinical services, education, and research in the field of acute care surgery, emphasizing a team-based approach to surgical management in acute care settings. Our goal was to provide comprehensive continuing education on treating critical surgical problems, showcasing current surgical options, modalities, and cutting-edge technology for evaluation, diagnosis, and management.

The symposium gathered international, regional, and local experts who presented lectures, making the scientific program engaging and informative. Their collective efforts contributed to expanding knowledge, improving competence, and enhancing skills related to evaluating and managing critically ill surgical patients. The participants had the opportunity to attend lectures about abdominal wall reconstruction, bariatric emergencies, intra-abdominal sepsis, robotic surgery, acute pancreatitis, ventral hernia management, and many more.

Our team seized this opportunity to showcase the state-of-the-art solutions from our partners, Medtronic, Lexington, LaproSurge, PlantTech, and GEM. They presented top–of–the–line surgical equipment, such as advanced imaging and visualization technology in Laparoscopic Towers, from Medtronic. Additionally, they highlighted cutting-edge technology in surgical stapling based on S3 engineering from Lexington Medical, emphasizing the importance of efficient patient outcomes and clinical decision-making depending on the unique features of AEON reloads. The team also showcased LaproSurge’s specialized instruments for minimally invasive surgery, PlantTech’s innovative hemostatic and anti-adhesive products, and GEM’s advanced surgical glue with different applicators for Laparoscopic and Laparotomy procedures. By sharing these solutions, the team aimed to advance knowledge and skills in acute care surgery, promote better patient outcomes, and encourage collaboration within the healthcare community.

We are proud of our Qatar Surgical Team’s commitment to delivering high-quality surgical care and their dedication to advancing knowledge and skills in acute care surgery. We look forward to future events that will further enhance patient care and collaboration in the field.

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