Bidaya organized a Diabetes Awareness event for Zahrawi employees

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, a time when communities around the world bring attention to diabetes. Marking 100 years since the discovery of insulin, 2021 is a significant year in diabetes history.

For this special occasion, Bidaya team organized an event for Zahrawi Group employees to raise awareness about the high-stakes issues that are associated with diabetes. The event took place in Zahrawi Group Dubai offices, where all the employees were invited to be part of this initiative and attend the multiple educational presentations arranged by Dr. Huda Shoukfeh – General Practitioner at Dr. Mulham Polyclinic, Ms. Arwa Al Lahwani – Clinical Dietitian at Dr. Mulham Polyclinic and Dr. Bashar Jaradah – Dentist at Bella Vita Clinic.

Zahrawi Group employees also received free blood sugar and pressure tests, BMI tests, GP consultations, dental checkups, as well as many giveaways.

Bidaya team believes that raising awareness about Diabetes is critical, since it’s considered a “silent killer”, showing no to little symptoms in its initial stages.

Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to Marah from Bidaya & Dana from FitForMe for all the efforts they put in to organize such a successful event.

For more information about obesity and related health issues, please check Bidaya website and don’t forget to follow their Instagram account for more tips and future events.



Also, don’t forget to follow FitForMe UAE Instagram account for more tips about nutritional supplements, weight loss and bariatric surgery.


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